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Both Sides Now

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When Judy Collins wrote her famous ballad, “Both Sides Now”, I’m certain she did not envisage my borrowing her song title for a blog post. But her two-sided view of clouds helped me reflect on two interesting meetings with start-up ventures in the media arena this week. I appeared as a guest on the Fox […]

The Big Ask

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Earlier this week, I organized a fund-raiser for Mark Warner, former Governor of Virginia and Democratic candidate for US Senate. The following evening, I went to dinner at the home of Douglas Schoen, founder of Penn Schoen Berland the political polling firm, in honor of Kevin Sheekey, political advisor to Mayor Michael Bloomberg. At both […]

Be It, Don’t Buy It

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Peter Kim and Josh Bernoff hosted me this morning in Chicago at their annual Forrester Consumer Forum. They asked me to speak about corporate image and brand building in the age of social technologies. My central thesis is that corporations can’t buy reputation or brand loyalty any more. These are earned through performance over the […]

Mayor Mike’s Manifesto

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Michael Bloomberg is an American political phenomenon, a billionaire who has successfully transitioned from entrepreneur to public service as Mayor of New York City. He is rumored to be a candidate for President of the United States. He has made a virtue of his lack of artifice and his impatience for results. He speaks plainly, […]

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