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A Chance Encounter

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I was waiting for my kids and my wife to come out of the locker room at the East Bank Club in Chicago when I saw Reverend Jesse Jackson coming up the staircase. I reintroduced myself and he engaged me in a discussion for the next half hour about the sub-prime mortgage crisis in the […]

In Good Hands

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I attended the opening of the New York Times Building on Monday night. The old building reeked of tradition, but was a turn of the century fortress. The publisher’s conference room had photos of American presidents and global dignitaries dating to the 1920s. The new building, a glass and steel tower designed by Renzo Piano, […]

Next Generation CEOs

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In the past two months, I have met several CEOs whose companies are based in the new powerhouses of the global economy, including China, Dubai, India, Israel, and Russia. Here are my observations on these executives, many of whom are founder CEOs, not classically trained professional managers. 1) They are comfortable across cultures. To sit […]

CSR in Asia: An Update

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I had a fascinating dinner with Richard Welford, director of CSR Asia, and Alan Vandermolen, Edelman’s president of Asia-Pacific region, on Sunday night in Hong Kong. We spent two hours on corporate social responsibility, one of my favorite topics. I have also just come from Beijing, where I met with several global companies grappling with […]

Miss Gold

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I had a fascinating day in Seoul, Korea. The country is entering the final phase of the presidential election, with the two candidates sprinting to the finish line, and the former Mayor of Seoul Myung Bak Lee about 15 points ahead. The country seems prosperous and self-confident, the economy is humming along led by the […]

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