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Observations of China

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I am in Shanghai on Christmas vacation with my family. So far we have visited Beijing and Xian and I was particularly struck by: 1) The playgrounds are used more by adults, especially senior citizens, than by children. It is exactly the opposite of the US, where swing sets, jungle gyms and sandboxes abound. In […]

Bicycle for a Day

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I went to a party last night in New York City hosted by actor Matthew Modine. He spoke eloquently about the great challenge of the environment, urging each of the guests to do his/her part to reduce carbon emissions, from turning out lights to disconnecting fully charged electrical appliances avoiding the “vampire” effect. He then […]

Forty Years in the UK

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I went over to London this week to celebrate the 40th birthday of Edelman in the UK. My father, Dan Edelman, persuaded Michael Morley to set up our first non-US office in a non-descript space on Dover Street near Piccadilly, to serve our then largest client, Gillette. Morley reminisced that British Telecom was slow to […]

License to Operate Online

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Last week in TechCrunch a co-founder of a viral video marketing company purports to disclose the recipe for breaking through the clutter on YouTube. Tip #6 in the post by Dan Ackerman Greenberg of The Comotion Group, suggests that his firm creates controversy in the comments section below the video. “We get a few people […]

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