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Davos Brain Dump

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I have just returned from four days at the World Economic Forum. It was the most interesting WEF in my ten years of going to Davos, because the world stock markets had just plunged; the Societe Generale debacle was uncovered; the Federal Reserve Bank had reduced the discount rate by ¾ of a point; and […]

TRUST 2008

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I am on my way up to Davos for my favorite four days of the year at the World Economic Forum. We will be unveiling the ninth edition of the Edelman Trust Barometer tomorrow morning. We expanded this year’s study to include — for the first time — 25-to-34 year old opinion leaders in 12 […]

It Could Happen To You

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It began as an all so normal Tuesday, and then an email flashed across my screen from my colleague and fellow blogger, David Brain, in London. On his RSS feed from, he received an article titled, “Companies Warned on Social Reports,” written by the Financial Times’ hedge fund reporter, James Mackintosh. The journalist reported […]

Out From Behind the Wall

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Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal editorial page ran a story titled “” with a sub-head “A free editorial page lunch.” In short, the Journal’s editorial page is coming out from behind the wall, through the merging of and At lunch today with Gordon Crovitz, who stepped down recently as publisher of The Wall Street […]

A Few Things to Watch For In 2008

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Every other pundit is making his or her list for the coming year. Here is my forecast for the PR business for 2008. 1) Ever closer link between corporate reputation and brands. Over the past five years, there has been a growing recognition among PR executives that corporate image cannot stand apart from brand marketing. […]

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