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So You Are Not Perfect

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I have been on the road this week, presenting key findings from our 2008 Trust Barometer in Seattle, San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Los Angeles. I was fortunate to team with top thinkers in politics, media and communications theory, including Jeff Berman of MySpace, Chris Kelly of Facebook, Katie Hafner of the New York Times, […]

Rite of Passage

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On Saturday evening, my youngest child, Amanda, will be celebrating her bat mitzvah. This joyous event has sparked the usual last minute scurrying, from seating arrangements to a slide show of childhood pictures to rehearsals with both her Rabbi and Hebrew tutor. To calm her nerves, I told her about my disastrous Bar Mitzvah experience, […]

A Business Model Premised on Frequency of Use

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The Financial Times has recently amended its on-line business model to maintain subscription revenue while opening its walled garden to the general conversation on-line. Any reader can get access up to five articles a month for free. After five articles, you must register, enabling you to read another 25 articles for free. After 30 articles, […]

As America Votes

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Today is Super Tuesday, likely decision day for the Republicans (McCain) and another step toward resolution of the Democratic Party’s contest between Senators Clinton and Obama. What has interested me about Campaign ’08 is the change in communications mix, away from traditional advertising and toward public relations. Karl Rove’s op-ed piece in the Wall Street […]

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