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Graduation Day

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I had breakfast with Reverend Jesse Jackson about two weeks ago. He was in New York City to visit foundations, trying to secure support for the fall launch of a program designed to reverse the dire drop-out rates of African American males from high schools. In fact, one third of all Americans drop out in […]

Dear John

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I wanted to respond to your letter of May 5. Since you have provided approval to do so in a public manner, I am posting both on my blog. You raise important issues of ethical standards and business conduct that are relevant to the entire PR community. (Disclosure: Business Roundtable is an Edelman client). On […]

Half Way There

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Thirty years ago, on a Monday morning, I began my career at Edelman, working as an account executive in the Chicago office. I had finished classes at business school on the Friday, counting on a long vacation with a much sought after young woman through the capitals of Europe. I was informed by my father, […]

The Candy Bombers

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On my way to Seattle today, I picked up a new book by Andrei Cherny, The Candy Bombers, the story of the Anglo-American airlift of supplies to Berlin in 1948-9, that thwarted the Russian blockade of the German capital. Interwoven between high-stakes diplomatic and military maneuvering by the Cold War antagonists is the story of […]

Chicago 1968

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I was walking through Lincoln Park on Sunday en route to the Chicago Historical Society and came upon an old water trough on the bridal path, used by equestrians for their horses. It also was the watering hole for the Chicago Latin football team circa 1968 as we struggled back from our summer practice sessions […]

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