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Industry Leaders

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I recently sat down with Doug Simon, President of DS Simon Productions, as part of a series of conversations he is having with “Industry Leaders.”

BANANA and Other Little Known Truths: The Fortune Brainstorm on Technology

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I am returning from the Fortune Brainstorm on Technology at Half Moon Bay, California. The general mood was upbeat, with large and small companies reporting good customer demand and ambitious new product pipelines. The technology sector is now playing in so many more sectors, from energy and environment to health (nanotechnology) to Web 2.0 applications […]

Serious Works

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I had lunch on Tuesday with Jim Hoge, editor of Foreign Affairs, the monthly review of foreign policy issues published by the Council on Foreign Relations in New York City. The headline from the lunch is that the serious minded readers of this publication are growing in number and are engaging with both print and […]

The Newseum

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I had a private tour on Monday night of the Newseum, the shrine to news, which opened four months ago in Washington DC six blocks from the Capitol. As I moved around the impressive facility, I was reminded again of the centrality of the media in provoking change and safeguarding democracy. Consider the following quote […]

Tectonic Plates Shifting

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I was one of the speakers at the second New Media Academic Summit hosted by Edelman and PRWeek last week in Chicago, which was attended by 70 leading US and Canadian academics. Here are some of the most compelling insights, specifically about how media and companies are adopting social media: 1) Media must become comfortable […]

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