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Open Season

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I am just back from vacation and was sent a link to Jason Calacanis’ monomaniacal riff in his subscriber based email on the shortcomings of PR people, titled, “How to Get PR for Your Startup; Fire Your PR Company.” Captain Ahab has nothing on Mr. Calacanis. Catch a few of his choicest cuts from the […]

The Wisdom of Negativity

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The Democratic and Republican conventions are upon us. In that context, I asked a few political experts about the wisdom of negative marketing, for candidates and for business. I had dinner on Monday night with John Quelch, Professor of Marketing at Harvard Business School. John has just completed a book titled, The Greater Good; How […]

A Decent Politician

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In the past few months, it has become even more evident that public confidence in Western governments has waned to record lows, with approval ratings for leaders such as Bush, Merkel, Brown and Sarkozy hovering in the low 20s. Doug Schoen, a leading political consultant (disclosure: periodically consultants with Edelman), writes in his new book […]

Business Up North

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I was interviewed on Tuesday by Amanda Lang, anchor woman for the Squeeze Play show on Business News Network in Canada. Click here to view the segment. Here is what I learned about the network in the course of my pre-interview make-up session (must admit it is fun asking journalists a few questions about their […]

US Media Goes Global

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I had breakfast this week with Michael Elliott, who runs the four regional editions of TIME Magazine (Asia, Europe, Canada, Australia/NZ). I also had dinner last Friday with Graham Bowley, who runs the foreign desk at the New York Times. Both of these long standing pillars of mainstream media are capitalizing on the recent rise […]

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