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The Real HBS Story

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I was one of the Harvard Business School graduates interviewed by CNBC for its special one hour documentary on the 100th anniversary of the “West Point of Capitalism.” Here is a link to excerpts for your viewing pleasure (and apologies for the hairstyles in ’78). I was beyond surprised to be included, along side business […]

Fight the Good Fight

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All of us on the PR agency side are anxious about the dire forecasts coming out of the annual UBS conference this week. Advertising spending in the US is expected to decline of 3% in 2008, and up to 6% in 2009. Rather than wring our hands, let’s create business value for clients and win […]

Google and PR; Adapt to the New Reality

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My friend and colleague, Steve Rubel and I had a discussion two weeks ago about adapting our work product to a world in which search is the primary port of entry. An increasing number of journalists and other people access their web-based e-mail and news readers via search applications. We agreed we must make the […]

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