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Why I Told My Story

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Today’s Wall Street Journal has an extensive article on prostate cancer. I decided to speak to the reporter at length about my experience with the disease for the following reasons: First, the recent release of two studies criticizing the PSA testing protocol, suggesting that there is over-treatment of the condition, will lead many men to […]

Gettysburg; How Public-Private Partnership Can Succeed

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I have been obsessed with the Civil War since I was six years old, when the nation celebrated the 100th anniversary of the conflict. I grew up four blocks from a gigantic statue of Abraham Lincoln that overlooks the Chicago Historical Society. I passed the statue on the way to school and every time I […]

PR’s Responsibilities in the Current Crisis

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As the global financial crisis has evolved into a serious worldwide recession, most of the critics’ venom has been reserved for the banking industry. But my friend, Matthew Bishop of the Economist, asked me in an email yesterday what the PR business has learned from the meltdown. While I do not believe that our sector […]

Mutual Social Responsibility – A Ground Floor Perspective

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I spent this weekend moving endless boxes of books at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City. Lest you think that I need a second job to supplement my income, I was volunteering for Project Cicero, a local nonprofit that collects gently used children’s books from the families of independent, parochial and public schools so […]

We’re Entering a New Era of Mutual Social Responsibility

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I am speaking this morning at the Wall Street Journal’sECO:nomics conference in Santa Barbara on Green Marketing. I’m discussing how we are now entering a new era of Mutual Social Responsibility, in which people (formerly labeled as ‘consumers’ by marketers!) contribute to society’s sustainability and well-being in partnership with business, government and non-governmental organizations. But […]

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