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In Defense of Premium Media

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Robert Thomson, editor of the Wall Street Journal, addressed a group of McGraw Hill Company executives on Thursday evening. He mounted a spirited defense of premium mainstream media, citing its vital role in educating the populace and in pursuing investigations that keep business and government honest. He worried openly about the business model for his […]

Double Nickels

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I turned 55 years old today, a bizarre concept but certainly the best option given the alternatives. Here are a few observations from a middle-aged (though desperately fighting it) vantage point: First, you are going to get knocked down in life. The question is whether and how quickly you will get up again to rejoin […]

PR in a World of Expression

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I am delivering the opening speech at the New Media Academic Summit that begins this morning at Georgetown University. This is the third annual confab organized by Edelman and PRWeek to discuss how social media is changing public relations and mass communications. More than 100 professors from the US, Canada, Europe and Latin America are […]

The MBA Oath

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Adi Ignatius, Editor, Harvard Business Review opens the June edition with: “The public’s trust in business leaders has never been weaker. According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, released in January, trust in U.S. business dropped from 58% to 38% in one year. European businesses are in nearly as much trouble with the public. Businesses in […]

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