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The New Stakeholder Society

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The Huffington Post published this post by me this morning: In this most difficult economic climate, we conducted a midyear survey of opinion leaders in six of the 20 nations covered in the annual Edelman Trust Barometer. Earlier this month, we spoke with college or professional school graduates in the top quartile of income, who […]

Huffington Post; Taking the Next Step

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Five years ago, Arianna Huffington and former PR executive Ken Lerer founded Huffington Post to cover the intersection of politics, business and popular culture. I had lunch on Friday with Eric Hippeau, chief executive officer of the site and a partner at Softbank Capital in the U.S. Eric is returning to his journalistic roots; those […]

AOL—Dominating Niches, Keeping Consumers Engaged

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I spoke with Jeff Levick, President, Global Advertising and Strategy for AOL, this morning. I wanted his view on how the new strategy for AOL would affect PR people and their clients. Levick told me that one reason he left Google for AOL because “there is an opportunity to start sites in niche areas of […]

Insights from Baby — Dominating a Vertical Market

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I spoke late last week with Tina Sharkey, editor of Baby (Edelman client) to understand the business strategy of this very successful parenting website. Launched 11 years ago, now has 16 million unique users per month (half in the US), operates in 19 countries and reaches up to 90% of expectant mothers in […]

PR Profiling

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The Sunday New York Times article on public relations, titled “Spinning the Web; PR in Silicon Valley,” reinforces every stereotype about our industry and undermines our ability to make the case for our role as a serious advisor on both policy and communications. This story of a charming and immaculately connected publicist (disclosure: a former […]

Leadership in Tough Times

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I was a participant in the London Business School’s Global Leadership Summit earlier this week. Five hundred executives, many of them LBS graduates, attended the event. There were heated debates about executive compensation, the role of government in the private sector, the balance between needs of shareholders and stakeholders, and the responsibilities of the CEO […]

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