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Shared Value—The Future of Corporate Philanthropy

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I had lunch today with Charles Moore, President of the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy. It is the tenth anniversary of the CECP, which was founded by the late actor Paul Newman, John Whitehead, former CEO of Goldman Sachs, and real estate magnate Peter Malkin. Today there are 150 members, from GE to Time Warner to […]

Under the Buttonwood Tree

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I attended the Economist Magazine’s First Annual Buttonwood Conference on Friday, which offered a perspective on the future of the financial services sector. The event could not have been better timed, given Goldman Sachs’ announcement that it would accrue a record $16.7 billion in bonuses for 2009, while Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis forfeited […]

The First Tycoon

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Over the weekend, I read T.J. Stiles’ biography of Cornelius Vanderbilt, titled The First Tycoon. For those of you who pass through Grand Central Terminal in New York City, built by Vanderbilt to house his multiple railroad properties that converged at 42nd street, take a look above the clock on the south side of the […]

57 Years Young

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We held the official opening of our New York office last night with a reception for clients and staff. The party was timed to coincide with the 57th anniversary of the founding of the company by Dan Edelman. I thought you would enjoy seeing the painting of my father that is in the 16th floor […]

Comments: Appropriate Forum for PR?

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One of the joys of web-based media is the continuing conversation in the wake of posting of an article. The ability of readers to add to story, to bring colorful anecdotes or personal experiences to bear, shows the wisdom of BBC’s Richard Sambrook, who said that, “The crowd is on the field and playing in […]

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