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Mammals and Dinosaurs

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I was on a panel at the Paley Center for Media on Friday on the State of Advertising in a Global Digital Economy. Other panelists were Maria Francoli of MPG, Dennis Woodside of Google, Bob Greenberg of RGA and Chris Vollmer of Booz & Co. The world is changing quickly for PR pros. The answer […]

Strange Bedfellows Who Kick in the Night

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Did you know… the United Auto Workers had 425,000 members employed by General Motors in 1979 and today has 40,000? UAW members earn $33 per hour while non-union car workers in the American South earn $15 per hour and auto workers in Mexico get $6 per hour, but have the same productivity level? in the […]

Dangerous and Delusional

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On Friday I spoke at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan. After my presentation, I was asked the following question by a senior journalist, who uncovered the Sumitomo copper trading scandal. “I have been told by my friend who runs PR for a large Japanese company that it is much easier to manipulate the media […]

Postcard from China

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I have been in Shanghai and Beijing for the past four days. Here are some observations.The Economy—It is clearly stronger than the US and Europe but there are dark clouds on the horizon. The 8.5% GNP growth was the result of large government infrastructure spending (accounting for 7% of the GNP rise) and consumer spending […]

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