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False Choice

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Every vacation, I try to read a long book. This week, I tackled Anna Karenina, Tolstoy’s masterpiece. Leave it to me to focus on the business angle in the classic love story. But find it I did, in a conversation between Konstantin Levin and his brother Sergei. It is the disagreement on the basis of […]

Does PR Make a Difference?

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My number one issue is childhood obesity. My mother has struggled with her weight for her entire adult life. She even experimented with lock and key on the refrigerator to prevent midnight raids for ice cream. I have been a bit of a tyrant with my three daughters about the necessity of exercise at least […]

Addressing the Corporate Gender Gap

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The public relations industry is fortunate to have women as a large percentage of the work force, many of whom are in leadership or ownership positions at their firms. Other industries, specifically financial services, fare poorly in retaining senior women who become top executives. The World Economic Forum has just released a disturbing study of […]

WSJ Green Eco-nomics; What a Difference a Year Makes

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I am returning from the Wall Street Journal’s annual environmental conference in Santa Barbara. The tone of the event changed profoundly this year. The heretofore simple orthodoxy that companies can “do well by doing good” with regards to environmental performance is evolving, if not experiencing complete metamorphosis. Emerging is a more ecumenical approach to environmentalism […]

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