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Capitalism 4.0

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I spent the weekend reading the final draft of Anatole Kaletsky’s book, Capitalism 4.0, due out at the end of June. Kaletsky, a columnist at the Times of London and economist serving the financial community, has given us a brave prognosis on the future relationship between business and government. His thesis is that “Instead of […]

I Am Honored

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I received an email over night from Kristine Boyden in Edelman’s Silicon Valley office, who works with me on our HP client. She sent me the story, reporting that had recognized me as one of the ten most popular CEOs with their employees. I am both surprised and humbled by the recognition, especially […]

Chicago Media Scene; Two Views of Tomorrow

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I grew up in Chicago as a true newspaper fanatic. I would race downstairs in my t-shirt and shorts to meet the paper delivery man at 6 AM, in the forlorn hope that my beloved Cubbies had defied the jinx and were still in pennant contention. I came home to read the afternoon papers after […]

The Journalism School of the Future

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I just read Ken Auletta’s brilliant book, Googled, which describes a media world under siege, as advertising from digital sources fail to compensate for inexorably eroding revenues from traditional outlets. He quotes Clay Shirky of NYU as saying, “The old stuff gets broken faster than the new stuff is put in its place.” Given that […]

Red Tory

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I have just left the United Kingdom, where general elections are looming, probably on May 6. In that context, I attended a book party for the publication of Red Tory, a controversial road to the future by Phillip Blond, director of the think tank, Res Publica. Under the watchful eyes (in portrait form) of Conservative […]

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