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One to World

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I attended the 2010 Fulbright Awards Dinner last night in New York City. Senator William Fulbright initiated the Fulbright Scholars program just after World War II. His idea was simple but revolutionary for an America coming to grips with its new global power and responsibilities. Scholarships would be awarded to American college graduates seeking a […]

The Great Brain

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While in Seattle this week, I visited the Allen Institute for Brain Science, co-founded with a $100 million donation of seed money by Paul Allen in 2003. I have a real interest in the work of the Institute because my mother has suffered from manic depression for forty years and my father-in-law has early stage […]

Capitalism 2.0 in Action

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I attended the opening panel at the Clinton Global Initiative yesterday morning in New York City. Former President Clinton was joined on stage by four chief executives, including Jeff Kindler of Pfizer (disclosure: a client), Dave Cote of Honeywell, Ron Williams of Aetna and Jay Fishman of Travelers. Each of them represents an industry—pharmaceuticals, energy, […]

Health: Every Employer’s Business

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Mike Kuczkowski, a senior Edelman executive, ran a marathon on Sunday. He finished in a rather unremarkable 5 hours, walking when he hit the wall at mile 17. But for those of us who knew Mike as an inveterate smoker, an ex-journalist who took up the evil weed while in high school under peer pressure […]

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