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Dan at 90

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I intend to read this tonight at my father’s 90th birthday party in Chicago. Dear Dad, How can I possibly capture a life of incredible achievement? I do it by repeating the principles that you have passed on to your family and to the 3,400 people of Edelman. Compete Every Minute of Every Day – […]

The Third Way–Public Engagement

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I am speaking this morning at Edelman’s fourth New Media Academic Summit, jointly hosted by New York University and Syracuse University, attended by more than 100 professors from 10 countries. My bold assertion is that there is a Third Way for companies to communicate, beyond paid and earned media, by embracing Public Engagement. Today, there […]


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Thirty-eight years ago, an energetic young Vassar graduate, fresh from a stint as a reporter, came into the Edelman Chicago office for the first time. She was an account executive in consumer marketing working for Judith Rich, a legendary creative force and long-time associate of my father, Dan Edelman. Her first account was 9-Lives cat […]

Reshaping the Media

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We had a Media Future panel at the Edelman Global Leadership meeting this week. Two of the participants, Jonathan Miller of Newscorp and Chrystia Freeland of Thomson Reuters, had particularly acute observations about the way forward for their industry. So did Matthew Bishop, who addressed our team on Wednesday evening. 1) Evolution of Three Segments—Miller […]

Role of Business in Solving Social Problems

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I moderated a CEO panel yesterday morning in New York City at the summer conference of the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP). Just as in Davos when I was the panel chair on how business can regain trust, I was a bit nervous about asking the participants the tough questions. Journalists are expected to be […]

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