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USA Today—28 Years Young

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I met with Carol Stevens, managing editor for news at USA Today, last Monday for lunch in Washington. The newspaper remains the #1 in total print circulation in the US, with 1.8 million readers daily. The paper is increasing its readership in markets where the local paper has been scaled back due to a weakened […]

Changing a Life

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I went to the Washington office on Monday, visiting with clients and journalists. I also had a staff meeting before going to the train. As I do at every whistle stop, I provide an update on the firm and then the office. I always conclude with an offer– $2,000 to any Edelman person who agrees […]

The New Approach Up North

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When you cross the border into Canada, flying into Pearson Airport, braving the traffic into downtown Toronto, you can easily imagine that you are in a large American metropolis. The same cars, the same large buildings, the diverse population all remind you of Chicago or New York City. But wait a minute. There are dozens […]

Not your “Stereotypical” Millennial

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About a month ago, Edelman’s new 8095 consultancy asked me to “hijack” my dad’s blog in celebration of the launch of a global segmentation study on Millennials, people born between 1980 and 1995. Ever an optimist, my first reaction was “why in the world did you ask me to write this post?” Though my 1987 […]

The Social Network and the Purpose of Higher Education

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Like many of you, I was transfixed by the movie, The Social Network. This is the period piece for the decade, in much the same way as the movie Wall Street captured the sensibility of the late 80s. The ability to create an enterprise from your college dormitory, that transforms social interaction while generating huge […]

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