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I have just returned from a two day trip to Moscow. I met with NGOs, editors of top media, a state-owned investment fund, and PR people from both Russian and multinational companies. Here are a few of my observations: The Crisis Is Over, the Trust Hangover Continues—Much as in the US or UK, there is […]

Syracuse Newhouse School Convocation Speech

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Here’s a video of my remarks:Good morning, graduates and parents. I am honored to be the first PR person asked to make this Convocation address since the school was founded in 1964. I am a PR man, but I come from a family of journalists. So, PR or journalism, I know where most of you […]

Syracuse Newhouse School Convocation

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I am addressing the graduating class (and their parents, siblings) of the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University on Saturday as the convocation speaker. I have always wanted to play at the Carrier Dome. But, with my limited (but high intensity) basketball skills, this speaking gig is clearly my only opportunity to […]

Berlin 1961

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Fifty years ago, the handsome, dynamic John F. Kennedy took the oath of office as President of the USA. I cut school that day to watch his inauguration on TV, my feigned sore throat and ear ache allowing me to bluff my mother into a rare absence. It was a tense moment between the US […]

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