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What to Believe?

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How do you know that what you are reading is actually true? That’s the objective of the most popular course at Stony Brook University, “News Literacy,” created by former Newsday editor Howard Schneider. Note that roughly half of the students at Stony Brook take this course during their four years at school, and explores ‘the […]

Captain Morgie

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Here’s a real-life communications challenge, and it involves my own company – Edelman. I had to address our leadership team in London last Monday and needed to find a way to manage the following set of facts. Edelman ascended to the top of the PR firm rankings in 2010, according to both PR Week and […]

Remarks to PRSA Leadership Group

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I just finished my address to PRSA’s national leadership conference in New York City. I congratulated Rosanna Fiske, the president of PRSA, both before the breakfast and during my speech for her outspoken advocacy of the proper way to practice PR in the wake of the recent BM-Facebook controversy. I also told the attendees that […]

Family Business

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It has been 33 years since I walked into Edelman Chicago as an account executive. I wanted to share a few of my observations on how to manage a family business in today’s more complex environment: Family Hold-Back—Just as around the dinner table, make sure your guests hey are fed first. In our company, we […]

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