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Thanksgiving Past

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I am in Chicago at my parents’ apartment with the entire Edelman clan. We celebrated yesterday with a first time Thanksgiving-goer, Jacek Kastelanic, our pro-bono client from the Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation. After the eating orgy, most retired to the closest bed for turkey and stuffing induced naps. By chance, I went into my father’s long-hidden archives […]

Start Over

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I went to a breakfast this morning in New York City sponsored by Common Good, a think tank devoted to better government. Philip Howard, a noted lawyer and founder of the group, spoke to about 50 business people and journalists on the findings of a survey conducted by pollster Ron Facheux. Howard’s talk was one […]

Reimagining PR in the Age of Complexity

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Tonight I will deliver the keynote address at the Institute of Public Relations’ annual dinner. My speech can be divided into three acts (channeling Shakespeare minus one act).Act I: The Age of Complexity with globalization, technology, and the democratization of influence and media. In this complex world of the unexpected and unforeseen, PR should be […]

Two Who Give Back

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Many celebrities spend their off-screen lives working out, going to night clubs and generally having a good time. Nothing wrong with that, but I thought it important to call out two important stars who have taken a different path. Petra Nemcova is a super-model, whom I met through my former HP client, Satjiv Chahil. Petra […]

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