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Highlights of My Year

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January—The World Economic Forum in Davos saw investment bankers pushing back on government leaders. A particularly heated exchange between French President Sarkozy and Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase comes to mind—also early commentary by Bob Diamond at Barclay’s Bank on how the period of remorse for banks must be over. February—Howard Schultz addressed our […]

Fukushima: Turning Point for Communications in Japan

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I have just delivered my address to the Keizai Koho Center in Tokyo. Communicators from many of the large Japanese companies were in the audience. My topic wasFukushima. I asserted in my speech that Japan is a model of excellence for the world in so many ways, from manufacturing prowess to the resilience and decency […]

Singapore: The Face of Prosperity

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I have just finished my second day in Singapore. It has been the usual whirl of visits with clients, an upbeat meeting with our staff, and a discussion with students at Singapore Management University (SMU). Here are my observations on the city, having last been here two years ago.   1) A Tourism Destination—Always a […]

The Two Triangles

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I was at Harvard Business School on Wednesday for a conference on US competitiveness. I took the opportunity to attend a marketing class, which happened to be discussing the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty (you may recall that Edelman was the PR agency for Dove).   I found the summary at the end of class […]

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