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Energy Summit 2012—The Stress Nexus

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I attended the Energy Summit 2012 today in Houston, sponsored by our client Shell Oil Company. The panelists included corporate executives, academics, civil society experts and entrepreneurs. The conversation focused on the “Stress Nexus” of energy, food and water, on the basis that smart policy must take all three into account. Here are some of […]

College Tour

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I have been to four of the leading academic institutions in the past month with my youngest, Amanda, now a junior in high school. Next week we continue the journey with visits to Dartmouth, Amherst, Princeton and Georgetown. Here are my observations on the schools visited to date.   Stanford—Its 800 acre campus is magnificent, […]

Business and Social Purpose

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I attended a lecture by Jane Nelson, professor at the Harvard Kennedy School, on the evolution of business in relation to societal issues. Nelson believes that top companies have changed in three ways: from compliance to a more strategic focus on resource efficiency and value creation; from individual action to collective action; and from sparring […]

U.S. Competitiveness

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I just attended a symposium in New York sponsored by the Harvard Business School on its U.S. Competitiveness Project, which was particularly interesting on the heels of my nearly two weeks in Asia. For the project, HBS professors Mike Porter and Jan Rivkin conducted a study, in which nearly 10,000 HBS graduates in business positions […]

Vietnam and China

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I am flying back from Beijing after a ten-day trip to Asia. This week, I write about my time in Viet Nam and China. As a first-time visitor to Ho Chi Minh City, I was impressed by the city’s relative affluence. The supermarkets have a variety of consumer products and an array of fresh fruit […]

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