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Trust Me, I’m Lying

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Last weekend, I was having lunch with a journalist. She took out a copy of the new book, “Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator.” She told me it was a disturbing portrayal of public relations and a challenge to the integrity of the media. With that in mind, I was set to revile the book in this blog post in my best prophet Jeremiah style. But I cannot do that because the author, Ryan Holiday, has several important admonitions for PR practitioners.

60 to the third

60 to the Third

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It is the 60th anniversary of Edelman. Officially, we kick off the celebration on October 1, 2012 – 60 years after Dan Edelman and five associates started Daniel J. Edelman Inc. in the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, down the hall from our first client, the Toni Company.


Going In the Back Door

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Standard operating procedure for PR people has called for an outstanding creative concept initially executed in a highly public place to attract mainstream media.

Changing the Culture

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The depressing saga of the manipulation of LIBOR by traders at Barclay’s raises the issue of culture in financial institutions. As Martin Wolf, the sage editorial writer at the Financial Times, said, “Banks as presently constituted and managed, cannot be trusted to perform any publicly important function, against the perceived interests of their staff.

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