Alan VanderMolen

vice chairman, DJE Holdings

Alan VanderMolen

Alan VanderMolen is responsible for DJE Holding’s growth properties including Digital, Edelman Berland (research) and Edelman’s sister firm, Zeno. Alan also oversees Edelman Canada and Latin America, and the firm’s Global Citizenship program.

Alan currently works with clients including Chevron, J&J and Home Matters.

From 2002-2009, Alan was president of Edelman Asia Pacific. He more than quadrupled the firm’s business and drove market entry into Japan, India and Indonesia.

Alan sits on the boards of The Ohio State University, the Goodman Theater, Planet Water Foundation and The Plank Center. He represents Edelman at the Clinton Global Initiative and the UN Global Compact. Alan was recognized as PRWeek’s Asia Pacific PR Professional of the Year in 2005.

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Trust and brandshare

Posted on in Global Practices

The brandshare™ Predicament

It seems counter-intuitive that in our always-on, media-saturated world, where brand messaging is constant, that the most important driver of Trust is “engagement” and that 90 percent of consumers in our new, consumer-facing study, brandshare, want brands to share more of themselves.

Clinton Global Initiative

Posted on in Global Practices

The Engagement Manifesto

How do we convert interest to action? I propose an Engagement Manifesto, a three-step call to action for business and organizations and those they serve.

Star Wars

Posted on in Global Practices

The Tech Sector Paradox: Modern Day Jedi or the Dark Side?

Are tech entrepreneurs emerging as the modern-day Jedi, acting as forces for good against all which ails the world? Or, are technology companies going to “the Dark Side,” secretly partnering with government(s) to spy on enemies of the state, both foreign and domestic?


Posted on in Edelman Engage

Four Recommendations for Major League Baseball

I am a passionate baseball fan. I care deeply about the game and the position it holds as the national pastime. I am also a public relations executive. If ever the game needed public relations help, now is the time.

Why Trust Matters

Posted on in Global Practices

Three Reasons I Care About Trust

I think about Trust and what it means in the business world – and the world of public relations – nearly every day. As we release Edelman's 13th Annual Trust Barometer this week, I want to share the three reasons I care about Trust.

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