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12 Millennial Truths People Are Sick of Hearing



We know that Millennials are the most studied, most talked about generation in our industry. We also know with a group that has been over analyzed, it’s easy to make generalities and recycle the same old marketing to Millennials jargon, hoping something new sticks.

As such, the Edelman planners wanted to call out these greatest hits in the first edition of the Most Overplayed Millennialisms. These 12 cliché truths are the ones we see getting the most airtime and believe have jumped the marketing shark. This list is meant to continuously push our thinking and encourage us to dig deeper, so that we might uncover fresh, new insights that ignite our clients’ business and show a true, unique understanding of this important audience.

Click here to view infographic larger.12 Millennial Truths People Are Sick of Hearing

If you’d like to share your own overplayed truths, insights, or questions about this generation email: @Millennialisms.

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