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5 Forgotten Facebook Evolutions From F8




Facebook will spend over $5 billion this year on Research and Development, which means they’re doing more than adding emojis to status updates. At its F8 conference last week, a diverse team of FB leaders demonstrated some of the company’s R&D, including helicopters that provide free WiFi, hanging out with friends by floating in virtual reality, and the potential ability to share content directly from your brain. These Facebook innovations and ones like them were shiny enough that it may have distracted people from the following tangible, actionable updates to the Facebook platform.

  1. Easier frames and filters

    The new Camera Effects Platform is all about encouraging mobile creativity, recognizing that the modern smartphone camera is more of a communication device than a memory capture device. Filters can be created using the Augmented Reality Studio and frames can be created easily using the Frame Studio. Logos and paid promotion are not allowed yet, but they’re both coming soon. In the meantime, you could feature your products, CSR initiatives or POV by creating available filters and frames that are attached to physical locations like your stores. This will allow you to be a part of the visual conversation your audience is having.

  2. New Analytics

    A new analytics suite will let you build custom dashboards, better track what happens to Facebook users when they visit your website, and view “automated insights,” a report of interesting relationships and factoids that Facebook finds in your data. The new analytics aim to prove that Facebook drives business results and has better targeting data.

  3. Whether it is a technology or media company, they need more moderation and disclosure

    Evolution continues to news and content moderation to try and solve for fake news, offensive live broadcasts and misleading content. All influencers and publishers are now asked to tag brands they’re working with, several third parties are vetting/ranking news organizations via color codes and they’re working on stronger and more expedient moderation for video. Using all of their available tools will help enable you to be a trusted, transparent source of content.

  4. Better Shopping Via Facebook

    Facebook is making all its location data available to apps and websites to provide you with better directions to locations/businesses you might like. If a business doesn’t need people to physically come to its location, it can now add shopping to its Facebook Pages and shoppable videos, where the products available for purchase are shown below the video. Ensure all of your audience touch points are uploaded accurately into the Facebook platform.

  5. Pages are platforms, not communities. But pages can have communities!

    Confused because you call your pages communities? Interactions with FB pages outside of the newsfeed are low. Interaction between visitors/users/people on a page is either hidden or very challenging and messages broadcast by a page are sent to very little of its followers unlike a true community. But… pages can administrate or create a related Facebook group; a true community of like-minded individuals connected by their relationship with the brand, talking to each other, with brand involvement and encouragement. Creating a group allows you to talk WITH and not just AT your fans.

The only constant is change, and we have a good idea of the exciting changes to come.  In the meantime, happy Facebooking.

Neil Mohan is a vice president, Digital Consumer, Edelman Toronto.

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