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5 Ways Brands in Hong Kong Earn Attention




Hong Kong is known for its population density and abundance of neon signs and advertising.  So how can brands cut through the noise, earn attention, and get people talking?  Here are five ways brands can be the buzz in Hong Kong.

  1. “Do Good” to get people talking

    Standing up for issues that matter to your community can let your market know that you are more than a faceless company. Companies like HSBC have taken a stand in their community to show their customers what they stand for. To demonstrate its commitment, HSBC unveiled the first solar tram shelter in Hong Kong and turned its lions rainbow-colored to celebrate diversity. By taking calculated risks and engaging in climate change and LGBTQ issues, they have succeeded in creating a significant amount of buzz.

  1. Adapt Global Content to be Hyper Local

    Not all markets react to the same content. Netflix is a brand that understands that just because their content is popular in their own country, it might not resonate locally.  To promote a Japanese TV series called Midnight Diner, they interviewed  the real “Midnight Diners” of Hong Kong.  And to promote the American film, War Machine, they playfully inserted a Caucasian actor speaking Cantonese into a scene with Brad Pitt.

    Similarly, international organizations must create local relevance to succeed in building brand equity and garner investments. For example, to drive Hong Kongers to submit petitions and donations to UNHCR*, they highlighted existing donors from Hong Kong and encouraged them to share their reasons for supporting a non-profit that benefitting people so far away.

  1. Social Experiments to get a reaction from Millennials

    Sometimes you have to stir things up to get people talking. Rexona and JobsDB have both created campaigns around social experiments that aimed to get young people talking about the things they care the most about: dating and finding a better job.

    To examine the impact of odors on a date, Rexona asked women to sniff their potential date’s sweat-stained shirt before meeting them.

    Jobs DB’s launched a tear-jerking yearlong experiential marketing campaign “#icanbebetter”, with the goal of encouraging people to pause and reflect on their job motivations and pursue a better life by getting the right job.  This campaign made Hong Kongers aware that “Happy is a better job”, reinforcing jobsDB’s slogan and their commitment to helping clients find the right jobs.

  1. Sentimental Surprises

    “Touching Confessions” is the theme for the Huawei Media Pad M3 launch, playing on the consumer insight that many people hold back their true feelings in Hong Kong, even in relationships.  They invited retired couples and young couples to share their true feelings for one another by reading off of the Huawei Media Pad M3, against the backdrop of beautiful music by a local band.

  1. Inspire with Influencer Stories

    Success stories motivate and give people hope – sentiments that can help shine a positive light on your brand. Using the themes of Portraits and Dreams, Huawei’s P10 campaign was based on the insight that Hong Kong is a pragmatic-driven society where most people do not get to chase their dreams.  They created a video where celebrities like MMA fighter Rex Tso and Actor Tracy Chu share their inspiring stories of persistence and fighting to reach their dreams.

Jonathan Chan is a Planner in the Digital Practice at Edelman Hong Kong

*Edelman client

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