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A Day in the Life: Adriana, SAE, Barcelona



Name: Adriana Curulla

What is your title/practice? Senior Account Executive, Consumer practice

How many people are in your office? 30 in Barcelona

In 140 characters, what does your job entail? Media relations and consumer plans/events for clients such as Foot Locker, Prénatal, Quick-Step and recently LinkedIn

How do you commute to work in the morning? My mother works right in front of the Edelman office in Barcelona, so we usually come by motorbike together. However, in the spring/summer I also like to walk. It’s a 30 – 40 minute walk, but it helps me to wake up… 🙂

What might you find yourself doing around 10 a.m. on a regular work day? Either on a client conference call or catching up on e-mails I couldn’t manage to read the previous day.

What are your top two sources of news and how often do you check them? I read La Vanguardia regularly as it helps me to get informed about what is going on around me. However, for my clients I have to read many mommy blogs and family, teen and trends magazines. I now know everything about having a baby and about the life of a 15 year old!

Which social platform do you use most often? Personally, Facebook is the social platform I use most often, but I manage the Twitter handle for @Edelman_Spain, so I spend quite a while on Twitter as well.

How do you think the PR trends in your region differ from other regions?  I think the major difference in the PR trends in Spain versus other countries is that we still face clients who don’t exactly understand what is PR or how we can measure the results. Also, due to the economic crisis, we have to be much more creative to reach our targets: magazines/newspapers are facing difficulties and usually cannot come to press events, PR is very linked to advertising and we have to close agreements with media to be able to have presence in the media.

What do you like best about your job? I like that every day is different and that we always have a new challenge. I also like to work for very different clients as it’s very enriching and I feel I am learning so much every day.

What’s one thing you wish you knew as a recent college graduate? What you learn at college is nothing compared with what you learn at work (or at Edelman).

What’s your favorite part about the Edelman culture? I like the cultural diversity and the collaborative spirit.

How do you feel that the work you’re doing in PR will #ImpactTomorrowHelping to make what my clients want to communicate more relevant for their audiences’ lives.

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