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A Day in the Life: Katrin, Account Manager, Frankfurt



Name: Katrin Weisbach

What is your title/practice? Account Manager, Health

How many people are in your office? About 60 employees

In 140 characters, what does your job entail? Describing my job would exceed 140 characters: I am a daily motivator, contact person, mediator, ideas provider, networker, strategist and counsellor in personal union.

How do you commute to work in the morning? When the weather is good, I prefer walking to work, which takes about 45 minutes, and listening to an audio book. When it’s raining, I take the subway.

What might you find yourself doing around 10 a.m. on a regular work day?  Every day at 10 a.m. I have a flashlight-meeting with my team, where we discuss current to-dos, set priorities, plan capacities and drink the first coffee together.

What are your top two sources of news and how often do you check them? To me, the most important overarching source of news is the morning show on public television, the “Morgenmagazin,” for which I get up one hour early every day. Also part of my compulsory reading in the morning are the relevant pharmaceutical newsletters and trade magazines, e.g. and PTA Magazin.

Which social platform do you use most often? Definitely Facebook!

What do you like best about your job? The close, varied and highly constructive cooperation with my clients, our creative and productive working environment and the strong cohesion within the entire team.

How do you think the PR trends in your region differ from other regions? Despite the strong development towards communication via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others, the communicative focal point of German pharmaceutical companies is still on printed media, while social media is rather used privately. This is mostly due to the strict and limiting regulations of the HWG (The German Medical Products Advertising Act) as well as legal and internal requirements, which create a cautious attitude towards unreserved dialogue communication.

What’s one thing you wish you knew as a recent college graduate? That learning by doing is more valuable than any theory.

What’s your favorite part about the Edelman culture? The flat hierarchies allow for quickly taking over responsibility, implementing own ideas and projects as well as for a very collegial and trusting relationship with both superiors and colleagues.

How do you feel that the work you’re doing in PR will #ImpactTomorrow? Healthcare PR is more than sending out press releases or doing launch press conferences. With our patient-focused activities we provide far more than mere information about drugs – programs like the Voltaren Joint Active Tour are combining education and motivation, showing people “face to face” what they can do themselves to become and stay healthy. A broad approach aiming to improve people’s health and everyday life.

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