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A Day in the Life: Natalia, SVP, Buenos Aires



Name: Natalia Martinez

What is your title/practice? SVP, Regional Director for Technology, Regional Director Practices and Insights, Latin America

How many people are in your office? I’m currently sitting in the Buenos Aires office, and we’re about 46. Latin American as a whole is about 300 people.

In 140 characters, what does your job entail? Help our tech team better serve our clients, foster collaboration and grow our business. I also lead regional marketing and visibility efforts.

How do you commute to work in the morning? Usually public transportation or carpooling, reading a book or singing out loud in languages I’m not necessarily fluent in, such as Italian or French.

What might you find yourself doing around 10 a.m. on a regular work day? Having the first coffee of many and – 9 out of 10 times – joining a conference call with my regional and global colleagues.

What are your top two sources of news and how often do you check them?  On Twitter I’m following at least 50 sources from business, tech, PR – from global to regional to local. First and last thing I do every day is check my Facebook timeline.

Which social platform do you use most often? Twitter

What do you like best about your job? Connecting with colleagues all over the world. Having multiple hats and responsibilities: never a dull day!

How do you think the PR trends in your region differ from other regions? As more and more eyes are looking into expanding business in Latin America, the region is still “growing up” as a PR market: there are plenty of opportunities to improve our offering, take our clients to the next level, evolve our professional skills. Creativity and multi-tasking definitely differentiate us: our teams are able to do more with less resources and tighter budgets.

What’s one thing you wish you knew as a recent college graduate? Keep studying: sociology, art, finance… One thing I always tell the new generation of college graduates: Patience, you’ll get there.

What’s your favorite part about the Edelman culture? Entrepreneurship – “The sky is the limit” has been my mantra since day one. Whatever you want to do, just go for it.

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