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New Advertising and Analytics Updates from Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube



Instagram is Testing How Influencers and Brands Disclose Their Sponsored Posts

Instagram is creating a new format for influencers to make it clear that they were paid by an advertiser. The FTC has clear rules that state paid sponsorships need to be disclosed before the “more” button within the description and a clear call out that the post is part of a paid sponsorship. With the new feature, influencers will tag a brand as the sponsor of the post, which will say “Paid partnership with” at the very top, where the location tag is. This update will give users a clear message that the post is a paid partnership and will also allow advertisers to have access to the data around the post’s reach and engagement.

Snapchat Advertiser-Geared Features: Self-Serve Tools and Certified Partners

Snapchat has rolled out a self-serve ad platform to make it easier for companies to build and manage campaigns. Companies can now buy, manage, optimize, and view analytics about campaigns and pay via US credit card with no minimum buy.

Twitter Is Refreshing How the Platform Looks and Making It Easier for People to Use

Twitter is rolling out app-wide design updates on both iOS and Android. Changes include an updated speech bubble icon for the comment button, dressed-up typography to emphasize headers and auto-refreshing tweets. The redesign is intended to put the user experience first and emphasize content above all else.

YouTube Shows Off VR-Centric Video Analytics

YouTube announced that it is bringing heat map analytics to their 360-degree video offering. Producers will be able to see where their viewers are paying attention at any given so they can better understand best practices for producing spherical video.

Lauren Switzer is an assistant account executive with Edelman Digital in Seattle

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