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All in the Family

Two Sisters, Two Career Paths, One Agency



“Living on different coasts and being away from my family is tough, but ever since Karina started working here, we have actually been able to reconnect and grow closer thanks to Office Communicator,” said Sonya Li about working in the same company as her sister.

These two sisters work within different offices and different practices, have different goals and career paths and participate in different day-to-day activities and office cultures, yet they have both found their own place with the “Edelman family.”

Take a look below as they detail their own experiences within the firm…


Karina – Junior Social Media Analyst, Digital, Edelman Los Angeles

  • Where do you see yourself professionally in 10 years?
    It’s difficult to say. While I’m still starting out my career, I definitely feel like there are many prospects at Edelman and opportunities for me to grow here. For now, my immediate career goal is to understand all of the different areas and trends in the digital space and measurement and analytics to become more of an expert in my field.
  • Provide a photo that you feel encompasses your office culture and explain it in a few sentences.
    Food is an important part of the LA office culture. We’ve got fruit baskets, candy bowls (though the candy goes very fast), cereal dispensers, as well as Friday bagels. There are also numerous food trucks conveniently parked right outside the LA office on Wilshire Boulevard (see photo below), which are especially convenient when you only have a moment for a quick bite. It’s a foodie’s dream come true.
  • What time do you typically get into the office, and what time do you leave (on average)?
    I try to maintain a healthy work-life balance. I aim to get into the office by 9 a.m. and shut down my computer by 6 p.m. Los Angeles traffic is a fickle beast, so this can vary from day to day.
  • Describe your co-workers in 140 characters.
    A variety of backgrounds and experiences, but all equally talented, driven, passionate and curious.
  • What’s your favorite Edelman memory to date?
    I would have to say the Edelman DigiWest Offsite last week. It was fun having the analytics team all together in one place, since we’re spread out through the Western Region. It was also great being able to meet Digital team members from other offices that I had only met so far through emails or phone calls—it was nice to finally be able to put faces to names!
  • What was the path you took before getting to Edelman?
    Prior to Edelman, I worked on the social media team at Live Nation, starting off as an intern during my final semester in college and then joining as a coordinator after graduation. It was my first “real” job and although it was extremely stressful at times, it was a great learning experience. I was exposed to different facets of social media, from writing editorial calendars to running sweepstakes to building a Facebook app from scratch. It was a great foundation, but I found myself increasingly interested in measurement and analytics. Joining Edelman last year allowed me to further develop these skills, immerse myself in data and give me access to a seemingly endless range of analytical tools and platforms. And I finally discovered the pure joy that is Excel PivotTables (seriously life changing!).

Sonya – Account Executive, Consumer, Edelman New York

  • Where do you see yourself professionally in 10 years?
    Tough question! Hopefully still telling stories in some capacity.
  • Provide a photo that you feel encompasses your office culture and explain it in a few sentences.
    The roof is hands-down my favorite spot in the office, especially when the weather is nice. I think a good majority of the NYC office would agree with me! If I’m having a rough day, eating lunch with a co-worker or just taking some “me” time, I head up there for a short break during the day (see photo below).
  • What time do you typically get into the office, and what time do you leave (on average)?
    I get into the office between 8:30 and 9 a.m. every morning and try to leave by around 7 p.m.
  • Describe your co-workers in 140 characters.
    Hardworking, intelligent, wildly creative and resourceful. They are BIG thinkers who always bring their best, from brainstorms to everyday account management.
  • What’s your favorite Edelman memory to date?
    In terms of account work, it would probably be a tossup between hanging out with a black bear cub on the set of Fox & Friends and seeing Cookie Monster in action, thanks to working on the Xbox account. I also loved our New York Consumer group retreat last summer, which was a one-day workshop focused on storytelling. Every session was so enlightening and gave me a new appreciation for our line of work. Sometimes you can get caught up in the granular day-to-day tasks, so these retreats always showcase the interesting work different teams are doing and give me refreshing new ways to approach my accounts.
  • What was the path you took before getting to Edelman?
    My first job after college was at a law firm in New York. I worked as a paralegal before attending graduate school at the University of Southern California, getting my masters in Communication Management. During grad school, I was introduced to public relations through a series of internships at various agencies. From entertainment to hospitality to technology and general consumer PR, I did a lot of dabbling! And while I loved being home with my family in Los Angeles, I was determined to come back to New York after graduating, which is ultimately what ended up happening once I found a job in our New York office.
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