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Savvy job seekers know how important choosing the right words is when communicating with prospective employers, but what about nonverbal communication? It has been said that non-verbal communication accounts for over 90 percent of the message you are delivering in your job interview! Your verbal content only provides 7 percent of the message.

Here are a few ways to send the right message during the interview with appropriate body language:

Strength: Nothing says confidence like a firm handshake – it exudes competency. Grasp the interviewer’s hand without crushing it, smile and make eye contact.

Use the right posture: When you sit down to talk, don’t slouch or lean back – both imply disinterest. Sit straight up and lean slightly towards your interviewer, suggesting respect and attentiveness. A straight and aligned posture signifies leadership.

Your hands: Your hands should rest on the chair arms or folded nicely on the table. Taking notes is also a good use of your hands. During an interview, don’t fold your arms across your body as this can be perceived as defensive.

Don’t be distracting: Playing with your hair, scratching your skin, cracking knuckles or repeatedly tapping your leg may come off as nervousness or show lack of interest.

Relax: Breathe, you’re almost there.

Your body language can illustrate insecurity or it can show if you are prone to working in a high stress culture. It can portray your level of enthusiasm, level of dedication, but also your sense of humor. Recruiters and hiring managers will not only pay attention to what you say, but also to how you say it. Become more aware of your own body language and also that of others – it can definitely increase your chances of getting the job.

Now that you’ve brushed up on your non-verbal communications for an interview, it’s time for you to review our openings at Edelman!

Julie Biber is managing director, global recruitment at EdelmanFollow Julie on Twitter @julesbiber and LinkedIn.

Image by Jaysin Trevino.

    In Britain – GOOD English is VERY important. So don’t rely on physical tricks and alchemy too much! Britons LISTEN your WORDS and are more intune with semiotics than American employers (in my experience). Some of the most awkward nerds make brilliant employees!

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