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What Facebook and Pinterest Announced This Week



Facebook’s New WordPress Plugin Will Make It Easy for Bloggers to Publish Instant Articles

This week, Facebook announced they will be releasing a new plugin that will allow WordPress blog users to easily share their posts as Instant Articles on the social network. The update comes after Facebook announced that they will be opening Instant Articles, which are posts that allow articles to load almost instantly on the Facebook mobile app, to all publishers. Facebook said the plug in will be available sometime before April 12th.

Pinterest Fully Opens Its Ad Spigot to Every Small and Medium-Sized Advertiser

Pinterest is now opening its ad platform to small and medium sized businesses, enabling smaller buys for clients potentially hesitant to advertise. Additionally, the platform is also increasing the number of interest-level targeting options from 30 to 420. With this, brands can make more-targeted ad buys against phrases such as “healthy food,” “sustainable architecture” and “street-style fashion.”

Facebook Abandons Plans for a Demand-Side Platform through Atlas

On Monday, Facebook stated that they are going to terminate the ad-buying beta program it launched last year through Atlas, its ad server. The company determined their buying-platform test didn’t deliver sufficient value for advertisers because the quality of ads on the open web that it was buying through advertising exchanges was flooded with low quality inventory, i.e. bad ads and fraud (like bots). Nonetheless, the test resulted in a strategic takeaway — native and video ads were the only two formats that delivered significant value.

3 Reasons Why Millennials Want Long Form Storytelling Over “Snackable” Content

Conventional marketing wisdom suggests that Millennials most crave short-form content like that which has made Buzzfeed so popular. Yet, a deeper look at story-centered long form content shows that some, VICE and Netflix for instance, are attracting bigger audiences despite bucking the trend.

Aileen Aquino is an account executive with Edelman Digital in Seattle.

Image by Roy Blumenthal.
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