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Behaviors of the Most Effective Corporate Communications Teams



In today’s 24/7, consumer demand-driven world, there are corporate communications departments that stand out as most effective at adapting to, and leading, change. These teams are recognized as invaluable to the enterprise.  They drive measurable business results and they steward relationships for long-term business value.

Edelman’s Corporate practice has identified what experience and research tell us about these truly mission-critical functions. We see three qualities that these “best of” teams foster for their enterprises: Audience-centricity, Behavioral Stewardship and Insight-based Evolution. The presentation below demonstrates specific actions to take to exhibit these.

We welcome dialogue and engagement.  Do you agree?  What do you see differently?

Patty Tucker is EVP/Operations & Strategy Director for Edelman’s Corporate Practice across the Americas.

  • Thanks for sharing. this specific page is a great piece for my teaching in using IT in Corporate Communications.

  • Thank you for this article. I enjoyed it.

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