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IWF Delegates included: Yasmin Ramle (Singapore), Laura Furness (London), Amy Salloum (Atlanta), Carolina Gomez (Bogota) and Catherine Pouliot (Montreal)

International Women’s Forum: A Commitment to Excellence

Edelman’s IWF delegates examine how to face “The Crossroads of Change”

As the 2016 delegates selected to attend the two day International Women’s Forum World Leadership Conference in Chicago, we heard various perspectives about the future from the “Crossroads of Change” panelists. The forum brought together women from more than 50 countries who are the world’s leading architects, advocates, catalysts and pioneers of change re-drawing the map for how we’ll live, work, produce and maintain healthy communities in the coming years. During that same week, Edelman celebrated its 64th anniversary. The synergies that exist in these two universes, the macro-world and our Edelman world, gave us all pause.

At Edelman, we are inherently “constantly curious,” differentiating ourselves by staying ahead and helping clients navigate change to maintain their own leading positions. We pride ourselves on a commitment to excellence with the courage to do the right thing. It felt serendipitous that leaders from around the world: renowned authors, business, political and NGO leaders, are at the same crossroads and approach change with the same Edelman values we live by daily.

Below are a few commitments we’ve made as a result of this year’s conference:

  • We are committed to passion, power and promise in the face of change. Transformation is taking place through a meeting of new technologies and old-world habits. Together, they are unlocking hidden efficiencies in business, creating whole new enterprises and opening up entirely new job models.
  • We will stand up, speed up and set a direction to effectively impact the transformation. Change is now. We will talk to our children; listen and understand how they think and what they imagine for their futures. We recognize that many powerful insights come from them.
  • Beyond accomplishment, it’s about humility and grace, and the legacy you leave behind. Futurist Ellen Langer’s keynote on “Mindfulness” proved how we mindlessly take on our day-to-day tasks. If we mindfully apply ourselves at work, we immediately add to our own trust factor. And, if everyone were to perform their tasks mindfully as a team, research shows that group performance improves dramatically.
  • We have strength in numbers. Women now impact critical decisions around the world, and collectively have the power to make the world better. Women must be more strategic in their collaboration and understand the significance of our unified POWER.
  • We will be intentional about what we do: learning, leading, living. Neurological evidence indicates that men’s brains tend to be more efficient while women’s are more effective. No matter what challenge we are trying to solve or what inventive campaign we’re developing, if we want to be the leaders most of us were meant to be – efficiently and effectively – we need to inform, inspire, ignite and be mindful in the present and sensitive to context and perspective.

Regardless of where we live in the world, we each choose to lead with intention. We will come to the table each day self-aware and guided by conviction and passion. These guiding principles help us live out our core Edelman values­ and we’re confident that together, we will eagerly face the “Crossroads of Change.”

Amy Salloum, vice president, Edelman Atlanta.
Catherine Pouliot, account director, Edelman Montréal.
Yasmin Ramle, senior manager,  Edelman Singapore.
Laura Furness, account manager, Edelman UK.
Carolina Gomez, vice president , Edelman Colombia.

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