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How Instagram’s New Algorithm Will Affect Your Feed

Instagram announced this Tuesday that it’ll soon be transitioning to a new algorithm that will determine a user’s newsfeed in a non-chronological manner. Instead, feeds will be based on what people are interacting with most, similar to Facebook news feeds. This means users will see more posts from friends and more advertising catered to personal interests.

Facebook Lite Outpaces Facebook App

The stripped-down Android app has become the hot new way to access Facebook, growing faster than its original counterpart. The faster, less data-consuming version is internationally popular, with users in Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico and the Philippines leading the way. Originally launched without photo or video integration, Lite has begun to incorporate these elements without compromising its speed. International users may begin to see more photos and videos from publishers targeting their countries.

Last Chance for Desktop-or-Die Crowd: Google Cranks Up Search Benefit to Mobile-Friendly Pages

If brands have not yet built a responsive site, now is the time. Last year, Google started using mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal on mobile search, and on Wednesday it announced that beginning in May, the platform will begin rolling out an update to mobile search results that increases the effect of the ranking signal. Google assured that the search intent and relevant content are still very strong signals, but mobile-friendliness will also play an important role.

Aileen Aquino is an account executive with Edelman Digital in Seattle

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