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Edelman and the Rise of Public Relations

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In 1952, Daniel J. Edelman decided to open a small public relations agency in Chicago for one simple reason: he thought he could do better than the competition.

At the time, public relations was a rudimentary practice, dominated by a handful of firms employed primarily as “press agents” and publicists. Dan, a former journalist and World War II public information officer, had a greater vision. He dreamed of offering clients a range of superior P.R. services never before seen. And for the next 60 years, Dan and his firm would do just that – transforming the field of P.R., first in the United States, and then in the rest of the world.

Edelman and the Rise of Public Relations follows the fascinating tale of Dan Edelman and his unprecedented impact on 21st-century public relations, from his creation of the media tour and marketing public relations to his celebrated creative campaigns featuring such legendary figures as Colonel Sanders and Morris the Cat; from his pioneering efforts in environmental and litigation P.R. to his quest to spread modern public relations around the world.

Edelman and the Rise of Public Relations is the story of modern P.R. and a firm that reshaped the practice. It’s a compelling tale of high-profile successes and perilous setbacks, of perseverance and family support, high-stakes risks, and a willingness to constantly challenge the status quo.

The saga continues with son Richard Edelman, who assumed the reins of Edelman Public Relations from his father and continued the mission in uncharted territory, staking the firm’s future on large investments in digital P.R., global reach, corporate responsibility, intellectual property, and a game-changing approach to communications he called “public engagement.”

Iconic. Improbable. Captivating. Edelman and the Rise of Public Relations is a candid, behind-the-scenes look at the firm – and the family – that has become synonymous with the practice of modern public relations as we know it.

  • Marilynn Mobley

    Just a quick note to let you know that last night I finished reading “the book.” I couldn’t put it down. I thought it was one of the most fascinating books I’ve read in a long time. It had all the classic elements of great storytelling and was beautifully written. Even if I didn’t work for Edelman, I’d find it a great PR history book, as well as a guide in business ethics, transparency, decision making, loyalty, and most of all, the
    importance of family.

    Let me share with you my Dan story. I was hired into Edelman seven years ago (this month) as a Senior Vice President in Atlanta. About six months into my tenure, I had occasion to visit the Chicago office, so I made arrangements to meet Dan. I arrived at his office to be very warmly greeted and invited to sit on the couch. After we exchanged a few pleasantries, he said, “Tell me about yourself.” So, I did, as only a Southerner with a love of storytelling can do. When I finally paused, he looked at me and said, “You’re quite a talker, aren’t you?!” I actually laughed out loud and turned beet red. I replied, “Want to know why? It’s because you’re a great listener.” He laughed, then gave me a lesson on the importance of being a great listener. We chatted for about 30 minutes and when I went to leave, he hugged me, told me he was glad I was with Edelman and to keep him posted on my progress in Atlanta. When I entered his office that day, it was as an admiring employee. But I left as an inspired ambassador who would walk off a cliff for Edelman.

  • Sarah

    Hello there! I am formerly from the Edelman Sydney team, and given the news of this morning, am more keen than ever to read the story of Dan and Richard’s work in building this great firm. Where could I buy this online? When will this be available for download?

    • Hello Sarah,

      A free book download will be available on this page in the coming days. We’ll be releasing multiple platform versions in time.

  • I met Dan Edelman in 2009, at his apartment in Chicago. I have no story to tell about that meeting, other than to note my instant impression of a man worth meeting and, certainly, knowing; someone who played a foundational role in the development of a modern profession, and who was honourable and truly authentic. It was a genuine pleasure meeting you, Dan. RIP.

  • Vicki Staveacre

    I had the pleasure and privilege of working with Dan Edelman during my three incarnations as an Edelperson, twice in London and once in San Francisco. I always found him to be the perfect gentleman and truly considerate boss. What a wonderful legacy he leaves us all.

    Vicki Staveacre
    Marblehead, MA

  • simon yves

    He is the reason why I enjoy being a PR guy, he gave such an elevated rise to the communications activity. And I feel like I have lost someone I have known without ever meeting him. PR people are his heirs!

  • Teresa Jo Styles

    On a recent evening, in this age of multitasking, I found myself reading Franz Wisner’s Edelman and the Rise of Public Relations and watching PBS’ Henry Ford on The American Experience. Both Edelman and Ford are known as titans of their day. Businessman, journalist and public relations practitioner – in each of these roles, Dan Edelman contributed immensely in guiding the public relations industry through its challenging and progressive years. Edelman’s impact on modern public relations is without question.

    During the process of multitasking, it became clear that Wisner’s account of Dan Edelman and his family would win the day; the life of Henry Ford would be screened at a later date. With full attention given to the book, Dan Edelman and the Rise of Public Relations is one of the most valuable writings of public relations. Dan Edelman gave the world a legacy of good advice on how to structure a successful public relations business surrounded by love of family and tradition.

    Teresa Jo Styles
    Department of Journalism and Mass Communication
    North Carolina A & T State University

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