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Election 2012: The Job Ahead



It’s over at last. And regardless of how people feel about the outcome, everyone has to be inspired by the commitment of voters across the country yesterday. To see people standing in line for up to four hours so their voices could be heard and their votes counted was truly inspiring. Those living in the critical swing states will no doubt be experiencing a huge relief in knowing they can finally watch a television program without being subjected to a barrage of negative campaign commercials. As the poor woman in Virginia said after attending yet one more get-out-the vote rally, “We’re politically pooped.”

Now the really hard work begins. Will the results have any impact on dealing with the looming “fiscal cliff?” Does President Obama have a workable mandate? Or will split election results in the House and Senate simply reinforce congressional gridlock. Edelman strategists Steve Schmidt and Bob Shrum take a look back and a look ahead in this last installment of our “Election  2012” commentary.

Rob Rehg is global chair, Public Affairs and regional president, Washington, D.C.

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