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This year’s U.S. presidential campaign produced its fair share of memorable moments, from “You didn’t build that,” to “47 percent,” “Big Bird,” “Benghazi,” and finally, “binders full of women.”

As we enter the home stretch, our campaign analysts, Republican Steve Schmidt and Democrat Bob Shrum, look beyond the third and final presidential debate and focus on the electoral vote path to victory. While the outcome in most states is easy to predict, several important states remain too close to call, and the race has tightened to the point that some observers think the final national vote could go one way while the electoral vote goes another. In this video, Schmidt and Shrum talk about the battle-ground states that will decide the outcome.

And remember, as Schmidt and Shrum discuss in this additional video, a tie goes to the House of Representatives.

Rob Rehg is global chair, Public Affairs and regional president, Washington, D.C.

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