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What to Expect From Instagram in 2017 and Other Social Updates You Need to Know



Google to Simplify YouTube Advertiser Controls

Due to ads appearing next to extremist videos, Alphabet announced that they will review their policies to make sure these ads don’t inadvertently appear around inappropriate videos. A solution provided by one of Google’s presidents, Matt Brittin, is to simplify current complex tools that enable advertisers to control where their ads appear, so more advertisers can use them with ease.

Twitter and Instagram Take Steps to Clean Up Their Sites

The two social networks both announced steps aimed at making their sites safer by protecting users from potentially objectionable posts. On Instagram, content flagged by users will be labeled as sensitive by an internal review board and blurred. Twitter will leverage IBM’s Watson artificial intelligence to root out bullies on the busy newsfeed.

New Ways to Go (Facebook) Live: Now From Your Computer

Facebook Live can now be broadcasted from a computer through streaming software and external hardware. While Facebook Live has been available to mobile users since last year, the new computer capabilities were previously only available through a Facebook Page. The update will allow users with a regular profile to use professional equipment, switch cameras, share their screen and insert graphics into live video content.

Instagram Had a Crazy 2016. With 1 Million Advertisers, Here’s What’s Up in 2017

Instagram recently passed the 1 million advertiser mark, indicating an increased maturity of the platform and primary method of advertising for many business. Instagram largely attributes its growth to the fact that they push companies to focus on proving hard sales rather than “number of follows and likes.” With this in mind, revenue-generating clients should start thinking of social, particularly Instagram, as a way to drive sales as it is definitively more trackable than other marketing channels.

Lauren Switzer is an assistant account executive, DigitalEdelman Seattle

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