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Facebook, YouTube and Instagram Announce New Advertising Updates



Facebook Adding New ‘Click to Messenger’ Ads to Instagram

Facebook is extending its ‘Click to Messenger’ ads to Instagram, which will enable businesses to re-direct users viewing an ad post from Instagram to Facebook Messenger interactions. The feature is the latest update from the platform to further integrate its main social apps: Facebook, Messenger and Instagram.

YouTube Adds More Restrictions for Ad-Unfriendly Content

YouTube is continuing its promise to take additional steps to grant advertisers more control while minimizing any negative reaction from popular creators who monetize their videos. The platform released new guidelines that specifically call out hateful content, inappropriate use of family entertainment characters and incendiary, demeaning content. Any video that falls under these categories will still be permitted on the platform, but won’t receive any advertising dollars.

Instagram’s Direct Messages Now Support Web Links and Different Photo Orientations

Instagram’s Direct messaging has received useful external web link and photo orientation features. When pasted in, a URL will now hyperlink and show an inline preview, while messaged photos or videos will have the option to keep their original orientation. Building out relevant features like these positions Instagram to steal more messaging market share on top of its current 375 million monthly active Direct users.

Lauren Switzer is an assistant account executive, Digital, Edelman Seattle

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