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From China to Sweden: What Makes People Tick?



After spending my first three months in Stockholm, I now have a better sense of which topics make people (and the media) tick in two different markets.

Here is a summary of my observations based on discussions I’ve had with the Edelman team in Stockholm:


From China to Sweden: What Makes People Tick?

The different systems and development status of each society makes the differences unique. This requires us to take social elements into account when planning and working in a different cultural contexts.

However, along with the globalization, there are more shared values revered by people from various parts of the world. The difference makes our stories very diverse, and that is good.

Daniel Fu is an associate account director with Edelman Digital in Shanghai going on a DJE Global Fellow’s assignment to Edelman Deportivo in Sweden.

Image by Josefine Granding Larsson.
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