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Fundraising on Facebook and More Social Updates



Facebook Providing New Fundraising Option, Expanding Donate Buttons in Facebook Live

Facebook recently announced new options to help people and brands use the platform for fundraising purposes. The introduction of Personal Fundraisers allows users to raise money for themselves, a friend or a cause by enabling them to create a Page where people can donate via secure payments without leaving Facebook. In addition, Facebook announced that verified Pages can now add donate buttons to their live broadcasts, providing brands and organizations with a new way to fundraise for the nonprofits they support.

YouTube Won’t Serve Ads on Channels With Less Than 10K Views

YouTube announced that they will no longer serve ads on videos until the channel reaches 10,000 lifetime views. After creators hit 10k lifetime views on their channels, the platform will review their activity against its policies. Once passed, the channel will become a member of the YouTube Partnership Program, and ads will be served against their content. This update is part of an effort to safeguard and protect creators who aim to monetize their videos.

You Can Now Search for Snapchat Stories Thanks to Advanced Machine Learning

Snapchat announced that users will now be able search from over one million unique stories that have been submitted to Snapchat’s “Our Story.” Using advanced machine learning, the Snaps are curated based on locations, events or subjects so users can share and view content regardless of their personal contacts. The update will make Snapchat a more active platform and open sharing community like Twitter or YouTube.

Lauren Switzer is an assistant account executive with Edelman Digital in Seattle

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