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It’s 2013 and I’ve been with Edelman for 15 years. Yes, you see by the contrast of the pictures above, the one on the left is when I started my career with Edelman in 1998 and the other one was taken a few months ago at our Atlanta office. Where has the time gone? I can truly say time flies when you’re having fun! Many of you that work with me or follow me on social sites know that I love this place – Edelman.

It all started in 1995 when I moved abroad to London and joined a small search firm that specialized in IT/Engineering recruitment. Not my forte, so I convinced the three British partners to allow me to build a PR arm of recruitment in executive search. I researched the top PR firms in the heart of London and started my quest.  Edelman was one of my six main clients for two and a half years.

One Sunday afternoon in England I picked up the phone and it was John Edelman, who was then leading Global HR. He asked me when I was moving back to the U.S. as they had a need for an internal recruiter. I returned home, interviewed with Edelman Chicago, and walked out of the building on cloud nine! The next day I accepted an offer from Edelman.

The landscape of our business has truly evolved over the 15 years that I’ve been conducting recruitment for Edelman. In the beginning, I was searching for very traditional PR practitioners with general experience in Consumer, Health or Corporate Communications. Not only are we still seeking the excellence in traditional PR, but we’re also seeking non-traditional talent from the creative consumer brand strategist with strong digital expertise to the research director and the paid media specialist with an extensive media track record.

Back in 1998, Edelman had 40 offices globally. Today, the global network now includes 67 offices in more than 30 cities. Given the world in which we live and Edelman’s growth and presence, leadership determined that it is time to establish and codify “global recruitment” – built on a commitment to world-class talent in step with the evolving needs and vast opportunities in our business. Edelman’s tremendous global growth requires a more strategic approach in both passive and active recruiting around the world. Effective July 1, I will step into the newly created position as global director of recruitment.

As I step into my next frontier helping to globally scale Edelman’s efforts to be the Employer of Choice, it’s a great opportunity to put pen to paper and say “thanks” to Edelman. You’ve given me the chance to grow, persevere, land my dream job and to do all of this while I raise my four children. Edelman – you’ve become just like family to me. In addition, as a female leader at Edelman, I’d like to recognize Richard Edelman’s vision for GWEN (Global Women Executive Network) under the leadership of Gail Becker that affords endless opportunities for women just like me. Here’s to the next 15 years of endless opportunity and continuous growth at Edelman!

Julie Biber is global director of recruitment. Follow Julie on Twitter @julesbiber.

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