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Instagram Announces Saved Content, Facebook and Twitter Launch New Live Video Features



Instagram Now Allows Content to be Saved

Instagram rolled out a bookmarking feature that allows users to save content. Now when a user comes across an interesting picture or video, they can bookmark the content to revisit later. This saved content is available on a new private tab in the profile and can be removed at any time. All users can utilize this new feature, as it is available to all with the new Instagram update.

Facebook To Launch 360-Degree Live Videos

Facebook announced the release of 360-degree live video on the platform. The feature will allow users to step into live videos and look up, down and around to view a broadcaster’s full surroundings as a video unfolds. For now, 360-degree live video is only available to publishers, but all Facebook users will be able to utilize the new feature on Tuesday, 12/20.

Twitter Announces Live-Streaming Within App

Twitter users can now broadcast live video from within the platform. Although the feature is still powered by Periscope, Twitter’s live video app, with this update it can be used regardless of whether users have installed Periscope. The company confirmed that the update will be rolling out to iOS and Android users in the “coming days.”

Lauren Switzer is an assistant account executive with Edelman Digital in Seattle

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