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It is Summer!



Summertime in the northern hemisphere is a big deal. The warmth and the long days change people’s moods and their relationship with the city for the better.

Everybody wants to make the most of the sun, so everything happens outdoors, at the patios, parks, beaches or any public space with some grass.

It’s no surprise then that summer festivals are a tradition up here, like Festival International de Jazz de Montreal, Toronto Jazz Festival  and Lollapalooza in Chicago.

Lollapalooza, Chicago, August 2012 –
image by Tais Pinheiro

For me, these festivals are more than just a way to have fun. With my experience in Brand Attitude in Brazil, how brands engage stakeholders through causes and content in cultural, social, environmental and sports events is an interesting subject to study.

These occasions are powerful engagement platforms, giving brands the opportunity to interact with key stakeholders in a relaxed environment, where people are having fun enjoying the summer. They are also instrumental in helping a brand create a noncommercial relationship and even an emotional one.

Entertainment or cultural event sponsorship is a chance to manifest a brand’s attributes and identity. The selection of which venue to support must be strategic and ensure that not only the right public is targeted, but that the purpose is aligned and will help to deliver the brand message.

For example, HMV Canada, through the sponsorship of the Toronto Jazz Festival, reinforces their commitment in support of the Canadian music industry by embracing new and emerging local talents and bringing music to the enjoyment of the masses.

After making the decision on the right partnership, it’s also important to invest in creative and meaningful activations. Great examples that I have experienced are the Ray-Ban Gallery of Legends and Fender Fan Oasis at Lollapalooza. Consider the impact of having a few thousand fans saying: “I’d watched the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the RED BULL stage!” (Disclaimer: Red Bull is an Edelman client).

By partnering with the right happening in a meaningful way, brands are acting as facilitators of brand experiences that will be part of the public’s memories and their own personal stories.

Tais Niero Pinheiro is a global Edelman fellow in Toronto, from São Paulo

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