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Measuring the Present and Future of Earned Brands



Results from Edelman’s 2015 Earned Brand study revealed consumers are relying on their peers to help them make decisions about the risks that come with innovation: Their peers’ experience is their evidence. Brands seeking to reach consumers must earn their trust and learn to communicate in a landscape where value will be much more determined by a brand’s societal relevance (its purpose), and the way it behaves on and offline. The more aligned to the demands of society, the more it will be accepted and trusted by its publics.

Below is a quick guide on how brands can manage and measure its perception, value and trust in present and future circumstances.

Measuring the Present (Perceived Value):

  1. Define the functional, relational and philosophical attributes that reflect the perception of value that your brand wants to generate with each public;
  2. Create statements that embody these attributes in the various experiences that the company creates in their touch points;
  3. Implement semi-annual surveys to monitor the perception of these attributes with the stakeholders;
  4. Review the results and implement the necessary action plans;
  5. To further involve executives from all areas, we suggest connecting the perception of attributes to the bonuses. Thus, the commitment to results will be inevitable.

Measuring the Future (Trust):

  1. Use the Trust drivers featured in the 2015 Edelman Trust Barometer as lens to measure the challenges ahead;
  2. Identify the gaps between the importance for the business and the current status of the trust measured for each of the trust-building attributes;
  3. Develop an action plan to address each of these. Involving all areas/department is essential in this sense – and the engagement of leadership is even more crucial;
  4. Continuously monitor and improve the business.

Rodolfo recently joined a panel discussion on this topic at Aberje’s Reputation Seminar. If you have any questions, feel free to just drop us a note in the comment section below!

Rodolfo Araujo is the research and insights director at Edelman Significa in Brazil.

Image by Aasif Iqbal J.
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